The design goal of the Live Trout Swimbait was to imitate as perfectly and realistically as possible a live trout. By using 3d printing technology, a real trout was scanned, printed and molded upon the body of the lure to create realistic shape, features, patterns and colors. The solid silicone body has a lifelike and by the addition of lifelike fins, 3D eyes and a UV active body results in the ultimate realism.

Constructed internally the head section features a heavy-duty wire construction with two tow points. The top tow point allows the lure to swim deeper with a more aggressive action. The tow point located in the mouth will make the lure run shallower with a less aggressive action. Either tow point is suited to slow to fast retrieves, by varying the speed the lure will produce light flanking movement and roll at slow speeds, speed it up and the duckfin tail will cause an aggressive action.

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