Paddle tailed soft plastic with a body profile to mimic both the look and action of a baitfish.

The hardness of the lures has been optimised to ensure the lures gets maximum movement but remains highly durable.

Built for jig heads but can also be used with worm hooks.

The FUZE soft baits are a carefully designed and selected range of soft lures, chosen not only for great results, but for Australian fish and conditions. Australia has an amazing diversity of fishing opportunities and the FUZE range has something within it to slot right into most situations wherever you are around our great fishing country.

All models in the range have been tried and tested by the FUZE Pro Staff and modified and colours selected for maximum performance on the water. For even better results match the soft bait range with the FUZE range of quality JIG HEADS - together they are a catching combination.

FUZE Pro Tips

  • Select the jighead and tail combination to suit your target species and conditions.
  • Make sure your tail is rigged straight.
  • Use braided line for maximum responsiveness.
  • Keep in contact with your lure, always watch for a tight line.
  • Fish responsibly, limit your catch.
  • Look after and respect your fishing environment

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