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Fibre Glow is a uniquely coloured, high visibility line that is perfect for tracking lines and detecting subtle strikes. It is also ideal for night fishing with “black light” that causes the line to glow luminescent. Fibre Glow incorporates Maxima’s high-durability finish for incredible abrasion resistance, yet retains just the right amount of limpness for easy spooling and casting.

41F206 FIBREGLOW ONESHOT 6LB 230M 6LB PINK 230MTS 4021097061251
41F208 FIBREGLOW ONESHOT 8LB 200M 8LB PINK 200MTS 4021097061268
41F210 FIBREGLOW ONESHOT 10LB 200M 10LB PINK 200MTS 4021097061299
41F212 FIBREGLOW ONESHOT 12LB 300M 12LB PINK 200MTS 4021097061558
41F215 FIBREGLOW ONESHOT 15LB 300M 15LB PINK 300MTS 4021097061572
41F220 FIBREGLOW ONESHOT 20LB 300M 20LB PINK 300MTS 4021097061596

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