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Led Lenser H14.2

The 320 lumen H14.2 combines ease of use and performance in an elite headlamp. It's bright, comfortable and packed full of features.


Led Lenser H14R.2

The super-bright 850 lumen H14R.2 is the ultra perfomance headlamp. It's bright, useful and still lightweight.


Led Lenser H7R.2

The H7R.2 keeps you safe while on the job or outdoors. With added features like the Focus System and the rear safety light, the H7R.2 is the latest in a useful series of bright headlamps.


Led Lenser P17.2

The Led Lenser 17.2's 450 lumen output provides a spotlight-like light while being portable and durable.


Led Lenser SEO 3

The lightweight 90-lumen SEO 3 headlamp does not compromise on functionality.


Led Lenser SEO 5

The 180 lumen SEO 5 headlamp is a flexible, lightweight and tecnology centered headlamp for any sport, hobby or job.


Led Lenser SEO 7R

The ultra-bright 220-lumens SEO 7R is the latest headlamp technology in a small package.


Primus Novamax 400 LED Lantern

Primus Novamax 400 LED Lantern